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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  December 1, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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flooding, maryland scambles to dry out from high wind and rising waters. >> hi everybody. here is what people are talking about, severe storms ripped through maryland bringing flooding to the state's capital and knocking out power to tens of thousands. wjz is live and bob is in the weather center but we begin with alex live. hi, alex. >> reporter: hi. living in the water and that was the case around the dock. the lowest spots found the highest water, not so much for marine although heavy at times but from the tide and wind. that means water gets backed up unable to drain into the harbor and rivers. >> the parking lot will be
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pretty much completely flooded by 1:00, 1:30, 2:00 before it starts to drop out. >> reporter: a few businesses have put out sandbags but most have been through this before and know what to expect, especially those within the lowest spots. >> we will assess the damage. >> reporter: police blocked off most of the dock area, that means no business coming in. merchants hope things dry out fast once high tide passes. well the high tide peaked about 1:00. it was about a foot higher than originally forecasted but the water has been subsiding quickly and the rest of downtown remains high and dry. >> reporting live from a nap laos >> the rain come through. take a look at radar.
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quiet and a few snow flakes falling but we take it back to this morning when you see heavy bands of rain moving through. that's actually the cold front that came around 10:30 this morning and moved to the east, northeast taking the heaviest rain with it. no advisories left. still higher than normal tides on the extreme western side of the bay from baltimore. the rest of the region quiet. there is minor flooding going on. the creek in fairview maryland in washington county, that will continue this evening for the next few hours. they had almost 3 inches of rain however out near cumberland. >> wjz is always on and check out for complete coverage and instant updates and updated pow ore outages, log on to twin brothers are behind bars for a double shooting on baltimore's the block.
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it happened steps away from police headquarters. denise has the latest in the case. >> kei, a man and woman were hit and the man had critical injuries. 20-year-old twin brothers are charged. city police say they knew the victims they opened fire on and all had been in trouble for drugs in the past. today city police were stressing this was an isolated and targeted attack. the police commissioner says the real problem is not the safety of streets but people carrying illegal guns. the latest chapter in the county corporation scandal a howard county couple pleads not guilty to sale untaxed alcohol and greets. they were found with $400,000 stuffed inside of a closet that was cash. they are accused of paying off police officers to help transport untaxed alcohol and cigarettes. they were charged in that same sting that led to the arrest of
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county executive jack johnson and his wife leslie. a blow for millions of americans just ahead of the holidays. ed to unemployment checks stopped coming after congress failed to extend jobless benefits. joel brown reports with what's next. >> reporter: unemployment benefits start running out today for about 2 million americans. a last minute need to extend the payments failed in the senate tuesday even though the holidays are just around the corner. republicans and a handful of conservative democrats are willing to extend unemployment benefits but not if it adds to the trillion dollar nation debt. >> i want to remember. more than anybody here i want to help but to keep throwing money that's not paid for at a problem, it makes no sense to me. >> reporter: but liberal lawmakers in the obama administration argue extending the jobless benefit helps boost the economy. >> that's money they use to pay the rent, feed the children, to drive around looking for a job
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and that's money that goes back in the economy. >> reporter: the people losing their benefits starting today have been receiving unemployment checks for 99 weeks meaning they have been out of work since the start of the recession and many jobs that vanished have yet to come back. the unemployment rate is under 10% and the government predicts it will stay around 9% for next year. congress let benefits expire twice last year. both times lawmakers came back and passed extensions that included reto active pay. that included the time they went without the checks. >> lawmakers won't allow any unemployment legislation to move forward until the senate acts on bush cuts set to expire december 31st. they are meeting to find common ground on the tax cuts. democrats want to extend middle class tax cuts while letting
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the cut comps spire for the wealthy. republicans say they will block the move. the search is on for the man behind wikileaks. we have the unrelated criminal accusations against him. >> the 39-year-old has not been seen since early november. they are making a new push to find and arrest him on rain accusations. his lawyer says he's being targeted for a u.s. document and it fears over pakistans, u.s. militants, the taliban and information about sources. the obama administration says it's protecting those lives that may be at risk because of the released documents. a sex assault case had not been filed yet. passenger guns will soon be on board some am strack trains. the decades long ban will be lifted allowing firearmed in
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locked train compartments but we see how not all passengers are excited about that idea. >> reporter: starting december 15th, amtrak passengers can bring unloaded guns on board. it was enacted by congress last year bringing the firearm policy in line with travel restrictions but there are strict rules. passengers must notify amtrak 24 hours in advance, fill out a decoloration, form and guns must be unloaded in a locked hard sided containers. they will only be allowed on trains that offer checked baggage but not all stations offer that service. amtrak spent $2 million installing secure storage with 142 modified baggage cars to carry the guns. passengers have mixed feelings about the policy. >> if they are in locked cases like stored where people can't access them it's fine. >> i don't think we need to have any more guns than we
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already have. >> reporter: despite assurances from the safety administration, some are leery. >> nobody can prevent anything from happening. if somebody want to make something happen, they can make it happen. >> amtrak's current policy prohibits passengers from traveling with firearms. gun advocates lobbied for that change. if you're waiting on someone to get home from work let's check with sharon. >> good afternoon everyone. if you're about to head out we're not doing so bad out there. we have a disabled vehicle if you're traveling on i97. it is blocking the center lane but it doesn't seem to be causing major delays. two accidents. bellaire road and walter boulevard and warn road at york road. otherwise three accidents in the city we're watching east fayette and west sarah toga. traffic lights out in frederick road between dell ray avenue
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and dolton avenue. there is a look at the drive time and speeds around the beltway in the 40s, i think we can live with that, 45 miles an hour on the west side inner loop between 97 and 795 taking a live look outside. pretty wide open there. there is a look at the northwest side green spring avenue also looking nice. this is brought to you by subway. try the new subway breakfast melt. melted goodness made irresponsibility -- re-ire cystble. back over to yo. >> thank you. today is world aids day, a day to raise awareness about the epidemic. stephanie marked the day speaking at the central branch of the library. they are encouraging people to get protected and protect themselves to stop the spread of the virus. a crash with a logging truck blocked many passengers.
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bge's instant discounts got our homeowner to switch to energy star® cfl bulbs. 3-way cfls really click with my style. learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at . 23 people are injured when a gray hound bus clydes with a truck. it happened in st. george north carolina. a truck was carrying logs and the bus crashed into the back of it. the collision sent the logs straight through the bus windshield. at this time the cause is under investigation. a group of abandoned animals is saved in south korea days after an artillery attack. animal rescue groups rescued dogs and cats left by owners. many had to evacuate homes.
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volunteers provided first aid and food to the animals. you'll have better balance, better golf swing and more energy. those are the claims by a company marketing wrist bands. chris rag guy reports. so far there is no scientific evidence they work. >> reporter: david beckham, all athletes are wearing this sports gadget. the claim this wrist band with a hollow gram works on the body's field. >> you need to be skeptical. if you run a ten minute mile you might not run a five minute mile. >> reporter: does it help improve balance and athletic output? >> for me i felt more stable in my yoga class. >> reporter: although there is no damore to to back it up it tempted millions to try it. >> our feeling is you're not
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ingesting anything, there aren't really any potential side effects and even if it's a placebo effect go for it. >> reporter: that's the thinking for some new york giants. >> if my balance or my strength or my flexibility increases, i wouldn't say i would necessarily blame it on the balance but i might consider it. >> that's the saying right? you think it works, it works. >> professional athletes have so much on the line they are willing to give anything a try. >> reporter: so are none pros. several trainers claim to have seen some physical improvement. >> i know it definitely helped my things that dissipated over the first two or three weeks i was using it. >> i had an open mind and tried it on and it helps. >> reporter: some say they see an effect immediately. some say it takes several weeks. overall sales have been strong in the super runners shop. >> i was a skeptic so i'm doubtful although i'm using it.
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i've seen the increased changes as i go along. that is why i continue to wear it. >> reporter: as for the lack of scientific data, company officials offer this: since the inception it lived in the real world and from the competitor, efx we're currently reaching out to several reputable third party research teams but for those wearing them for now at least the proof is in their own performance. >> at the end of the day you're the best study. if you choose it and it works for you, that's the best thing to hope for. >> reporter: for. >> they range from 10 to $30. after a rough start to wall street it rebounded nicely today. the dow was up 2% and closed up 250 points. the nasdaq up 51. let's go to alexis with the cbs
4:17 pm
watch update. >> reporter: there is hope for out of work americans, private companies added 93,000 jobs in november, the biggest monthly gain in three years. according to adp employer services most of the hiring came from small businesses. the auto industry's recover continues to gain traction honda, hyundai reported double digit gains. only toyota that has been hurt by recalls had a sales drop. unemployment benefits are set to run out for millions of americans this month because congeese has not voted to continue the 99 weeks of extended jobless benefits. house republicans blocked an extension of the bill earlier. they say that cost needs to be balanced by other cuts to not add to the deficits. taxpayers know which banks received aid. the federal reserve under orders from congress named the recipients, bank of america and
4:18 pm
wells fargo were one of the biggest borrows and some went to foreign banks including switzerland and germany and that's your money watch. for more just head to cbs money in new york i'm alexis chris . a resident modeled after groupon that offers restaurant coupons but this website will donate a portion to charity. still ahead at 4:00 abortion controversy in your backyard. the doctor that's bringing late term abortions to a maryland clinic. also. >> sometimes santa gets a boost from those in a different uniform. these two marines run the toys for to thes campaign. this year in baltimore there are many parents unable to supplement santa. >> made to close toy requests
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early this year because we have such an influx of requests. >> we do need more toys. we'll probably be running short if we don't have an influx of toys throughout the rest of the season. 3w4r5á wjz is always on at and for first warning weather click ♪
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bob with the weather. >> a lot quieter right now than it was around 9:00, 10:00 this morning when that cold front went through the region, really kicked up strong winds, very heavy downpours. luckily we didn't have that many reports of wind damage even though we had wind gusts over 40, 45 miles an hour in some locations. look at temperatures now. it has dropped this morning around 8:00 or 9:00 it was in the low 60s. about 9:30, 10:00 when the front came through and 10:00, 10:15 it dropped from about 62 to 44 quickly in like 20 minutes.
4:23 pm
west northwest winds at 17. we did have a wind gust up to 48 miles an hour. barometer on 2985 inches and 42 and 49 ocean city. further to the west it's going to get chilly tonight. 38, 36 and only 25 now with snow showers continuing from frost burg west and we're talking about 2000 feet. you may pick up an inch of new snow tonight, which is pretty normal for early december. 62, 24 hours ago. they were 53 and now 25. 65, 62 and 66. you see the big drop with that cold front. now the winds have been pushing out of the west pushing the water back out of the bay. so we'll not look at the high flooding tides we saw although for the next high tide this evening there is enough water up in the upper bay that you may see minor flooding this evening before things begin to calm
4:24 pm
down. here is the front this morning, really a ton of moisture to the west. that's where the cold air is. there is that snow around the great lakes into garrett county, as well. the rain to the east, northeast as we clear that nicely. to the west, northwest big lake effect snow going on and pa. just generally colder but dry conditions for the next several days. by sunday a weak system passes to the south, could bring us a few flakes of snow possibly and northwest 10 to 15 knots and small craft advisory through tomorrow afternoon and the big temperature 47 and tonight clear for the most part but much colder than last night. 30-degrees with a breeze and feels pretty cold. ed to 44 and now tomorrow about 44 for a high. so tomorrow is going to feel very much like it is right this minute outside. so we're back to the chilly testimonies and it will run below normal probably for the next 5, 6, 7 or 10 days. get used to it. >> bob, thank you. katie couric joins us live
4:25 pm
from new york with a preview on what's coming up tonight on cbs everything news. we understand you're working on a series about the federal deficit. >> that's right. we'll take you inside the federal deficit new report. we'll tell you what it will mean for you and break down some tough choices we now face as a country. also coming up we'll tell you how our hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars being stolen by prison inmates and finally a family bringing hope in the comfort of home to children in need. that is tonight's american spirit. so a lot on our plate and hopefully you'll be watching only on the cbs evening news. back to you. >> we will be. katy, see you tonight. >> okay. the cbs evening news tonight. don't miss a special edition to tonight's cbs prime timeline up. at 10:00 a grammy nomination concert right here. danger in the refrigerator,
4:26 pm
the food and drug administration takes on tainted foods, it's plan to keep you safe. new video of a california teenager shackled and abused. the disturbing state he was found in. snow snarls europe. the big storm that brought travel to a halt. eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with did niece and vick right ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 4:29, 43 degrees and mostly sunny. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. >> here is what people are talking about. thousands of people sickened by tainted food following several high profile outbreaks the fda wants sweeping new powers to make sure our food is safe. we learn more from capitol hill. >> reporter: after recent salmonella outbreaks in eggs, peanut butter and jalapenos that kickenned 4400 people and killed 11 the senate will give the fda
4:30 pm
more money and more power. to boost inspections of domestic and international facilities seven fold from 7600 inspections a year now to 50,000 by the year 2015. the bill gives the fda the power to recall contaminated foods instead of relying on producers to produce themselves. >> more often the problem is the companies drag out negotiations or aren't willing to immediately recall putting the fda in the position. >> the bill calls on suppliers to track the organs of ingredients so scientists can track the outbreak to the source. the jalapeno outbreak was initially blamed on tomatoes. the goal is to prevent what happened to 17-year-old hailey. >> hailey nearly died from let tews that was supposed to be triple washed and ready to eat. >> she still has to take seven
4:31 pm
pills a day after lettuce she ate while three left her partially blind, diabetes and more. >> the house will have to vote on the senate version of the bill word for word or else lawmakers will have to start over again at the beginning of january. their father appears in court to face kidnapping charges. he's fighting extradition from ohio to michigan. police say he's not fully cooperating with the investigation. meanwhile detectives expect the search for the boys to continue into next week. police say they want to maintain hope that the children still are alive. students held hostage inside their own high school. today safety concerns linger. kei is following developments live. >> reporter: it became a crime scene when a 15-year-old brought handguns into a social studies class. he held students and his teacher
4:32 pm
hostage for about six hours. today the building reopened and grief counselors are available. the district is also evaluating whether to install metal detectors. the teacher held hostage did not return to work but she said he was an excellent student with many friends. >> the standoff ended when he shot himself. his friends and family say they never saw it coming. breaking news now, a barricade situation. chopper 13 is over the scene and perry has details for us, mike? >> reporter: okay. we do have a tactical situation. baltimore county police working in the perry hall area. this is just off of bellaire road just south of perry hall where police are -- i'm sorry, i've -- are we still on the air? >> we hear you. >> i'm sorry. i'm sorry i had a lot going on there. baltimore county police working on apparently a barricade situation. police officers arriving on the scene of an apartment complex
4:33 pm
just off bellaire road where they have learned that apparently a suspect ran outside while officers were on scene. they thought that there was a possibility the suspect may be armed when he ran back inside the apartment. police have called tactical officers to the apartment complex. they are currently maintaining a perimeter on the outside and we know there is a negotiation team on scene. right now it is not affecting traffic along the road. this is just west of bellaire road and we'll continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated as the situation dictates. >> all right. breaking news from captain. a teenager held hostage for a year inside a home in california. the last of his kidnappers had just been found guilty and video shows the dramatic nightmare as it was coming to an end. >> reporter: the then 16-year-old had already risk had had life to escape using a trampoline to vault out of the yard of the home where he was
4:34 pm
held captive and tortured for over a year. this video picks up the story from there. the young man panicked and out of breath running into the gym in tracy. >> a young man came into the front door, came in very dirty. you could tell something was wrong. he was holding a chain around his ankle with a padlock on it. >> reporter: the chains he said kept him bound for over a year, clearly visible as are wounds to his arms and back. >> he quickly came up and just said please help me, they are coming for me. help me, can i hide behind here. >> reporter: like a frightened animal that's just exactly what he does limping behind the busy counter he crawls to the floor and is covered with a towel. the clerk says he was trembling and afraid they were looking for him. she gave him a banana, re-assured him and moments later he was helped out his nightmare
4:35 pm
finally over. >> three defendants in the case excepted plea deals and will spend a minimum in prison. lost at sea a recent college graduate disappears in the middle of the pacific ocean. he graduated from louisiana state university h year. he moved 6500 miles away to teach. the u.s. coastguard said he left the island in a small boat but then vanished. they found his empty boat but officials believe he should be able to float for 120 miles. one of the country's most controversial abortion doctors is coming to work in maryland. starting next week doctor leroy car heart will perform late term abortions. he's base in nebraska but licensed to practice in maryland. he previously said he would perform abortions for women up to 24 weeks pregnant. snow and freezing temperatures right now severe winter weather is closing airports and causing accidents
4:36 pm
across europe. mark reports from london. >> reporter: it's the earliest biggest snowfall in almost three decades and it's stopping just about every mode of transport across europe. >> we're completely stuck in the airport. >> reporter: the heavy snow shut down london's airport and several others? scotland, switzerland and france. at germany's largest airport flight cancellations are forcing hundreds to camp out and wait. and this is what happens when you have a lot of snow and not a lot of snow flows. >> it takes me an hour to do less than a mile. >> reporter: forecasters in britain predict blizzards and freezing arctic conditions for the rest of the woke. >> there is no point of moaning and groaning about it. you have to smile and go on about it. >> you won't be doing anything. it's crazy and i try to get it. >> reporter: he won't find things easier there. one man's problem, though, is
4:37 pm
another's opportunity it's magical she says. i'm surprised to see everyone complaining about it. it's a bit of snow. it's winter. it's the most winter britain has seen this early since 1993. mark phillips, cbs news london. the brutal temperatures are proving deadly the bitter cold killed at least 8 homeless people. it was some snow falling today in western maryland but most people dealt with heavy rains and strong winds. plenty of clouds hanging around as we take a live look outside. wjz has weather and traffic together and we have updated numbers -- bob. >> you mentioned garrett county still snow showers tonight and probably again tomorrow could accumulate an inch in some higher mountain areas. for our region we cleared out nicely. look at radar, actually a few flurries from the mountains there. this morning let's go back when the heavy rain moved through and that's when the front came through with the strongest
4:38 pm
winds with that front and heaviest rains along the squall line that moved from 10:00 to 11:00 this morning and off to the east, northeast still raining over east new england but for us looks like just clear, cold and dry conditions really for the next rev sell days. so get used to it. it will be cold at night and chilly but dry during the daytime. >> thanks, bob. let's check in on the roads tonight. hi, sharon. >> good afternoon everyone. nothing too major out there. a disabled vehicle there. it's still blocking a center lane but there aren't any delays there. watch for two accidents at bellaire road and one in cockyville and york avenue and four in the city. you're looking at one in bellaire just coming from bellaire by pass on route 24 north and the east fayette and gwens falls parkway at tee yoga
4:39 pm
and bellaire road at arizona avenue. traffic lights out on frederick road between delay. and have is a look at the drive times on the beltway minor delays if any on most spots. there is a look at the north spot. everything at full speed there. this brought to you by comcast ex finty and ask about the triple play featuring the best on on demand and you can watch it on tv and online. restrictions apply and not available in all areas. >> thank you, sharon. with the economy at a standstill many are having trouble putting presents under the tree and the local toys for to thes gift drive is far from reaching it's goals. >> goals. >> reporter: sometimes santa gets a boost from those in a different uniform. these two marines run baltimore's toys for to thes campaign. >> one of the larger in the nation. >> reporter: this year in baltimore there are many parents unable to supplement santa.
4:40 pm
>> i had to close toy requests early this year because we had such an influx of requests. >> we do need more toys. we'll probably be running short this year if we don't have an influx of toys throughout the rest of the season. >> we have 40,000 kids that are signed up. last year we did 57,000 toys and right now we're only at about 12,000. >> so where will they get the additional 45,000 toys? why from all of us. there are 300 drop boxes in our area, much of what's been donated has been distributed and this will head to western baltimore county. it's one thing to get all the toys but to get them where they are needed. so what they also need are boxes about this size or larger. >> we have to pick up the toys between the 13th and 17th of december so we have enough time to get them out organizations. >> reporter: but each year they don't get enough for age groups and that's where cash is king with the marines buying age
4:41 pm
appropriate toys to fill the gaps. >> the 300 toys for to thes donation drops locations is at only a few weeks left in the pro-football challenge. bernadette woods is updating the standings. >> reporter: we have a new phase on the bobble head leader bored but the overall leader is the same. in first place mark dominates to 115 points and new mom with 111 points and stan with adam may for third place with 109 points. this week's winner is harlis pain of denton. 316 games correctly. that's wonderful and came closest to the sunday night game. he wins a 20-dollar best buy gift certificate. congratulations. you can still sign up to play for weekly prizes. just come to and scroll down the right side of the new
4:42 pm
web page and go to the cbs baltimore section and click on football challenge, back to you. >> thank you. still worried about that baby, though. straight ahead at 4:00 an incredible medical advance. >> burst into tears when i saw the article because finally there was an answer. >> how doctors gave a toddler born without fingers a new lease on life. plus praying on charity. a bell ringer is attacked. is that rain and wind behind us? the updated forecast just ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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4:45 pm
we want to update breaking news we've been telling you about, that barricade situation in perry hall. the chopper is over the scene. we have more right now, mike. >> reporter: hello, folk. this situation ended. police responded to the scene
4:46 pm
of blare wood court off bellaire road near silver spring. police called to the scene for a burglary in progress. an officer saw a suspect run inside and back into the apartment building believing that suspect had a gun. the tactical team just entered the building and arrested one individual. we are told that that individual is believed to have injured himself with a knife. that person is being treated by paramedics. he's in police custody at this time and will be transported to a local area hospital. there are no other injuries we know of at this time. >> thank you very much. a salvation army bell ringer is attacked and robbed in virginia. it happened outside a sam's club. the man was on his first day on the job when someone approached him and slammed him against the wall and stole his red kettle filled with money. he was treated and released from the hospital. police are reviewing surveillance video in hopes it will lead them to the suspect. a new record for cyber
4:47 pm
monday sales. we have more to break down the numbers. >> denise, americans spent over $1 billion making it the busiest online shopping day ever. research shows revenue rose 16% from a year ago and online sales are up 13% from the beginning of november. the improvement is welcome for retailers hoping americans will start spending more freely however some say shoppers are holding out for more bargains and spending cautiously. >> thank you. a clearer picture of spending will come on thursday when the nation's retailers release revenue fig gears for november. proposing the creation of a do not track list for the internet. the list would allow people to prevent internet marketers to track them. the proposal which is marketed after the do not call list is a series of recommendations outlined in a privacy report released by the federal trade commission. a pennsylvania toddler
4:48 pm
was born without fingers but a new procedures is allowing him to grow new ones. it began when 3-year-old andrew powers was just 6 months old. they made pockets to hold the finger bones and took portions of his middle toe bones to make fingers. his bones grow 1 millimeter a day and it's amazing to watch the progress his mother says. >> andrew does regular occupational therapy to improve the fine motor functions of his new fingers. a couple in india tied the knot in awe neck way. they said i do while dangling above the ground. exchange a wedding garland plays an important role in under jane weddings. the idea was to do something different and make the occasion
4:49 pm
memorable for the guests, which obviously it did. a royal jewelry collection sales for millions. the collection was once owned by simpson, the woman whose love affair with a british king caused a crisis. a diamond and panther bracelet sold for $7 million. it was the highlight of the auction in england which featured 20 pieces of jelly owned by the late duke and dutches. >> do you have that kind of money? >> way out of my price rage. it would be too much to wear here. >> the crosses are nice, though. >> it's all nice. stormy start to the day but maybe a cold ending. >> we have the first warning forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,
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4:52 pm
here is one look outside right now courtesy of the sky team. we see the sun setting. >> pretty sky. >> very wet, rough morning for a lot of folks heading off to
4:53 pm
work and a lot of kids going to school got pretty wet i'm sure this morning. the heaviest came when the front came through between 10:00 and 11:00. that drenching downpours and that's when we get strong wind gusts up to 45 and 50 miles an hour in some locations. right now it's a lot quieter. take a look at temperatures, they have dropped like 20 degrees and about 25 minutes, 43 now and heading down 25 dew point. yesterday afternoon last night the dew point was in the upper 50s and the temperature was in the low 60s. that's how warm it got after midnight. 48% humidity and coming down west northwest wind 17 and the barometer on the way back up. 45 eastern and 49 ocean city that's the hot spot and out to the west, oakland down to 25, snow showers continue from frost burg west in the highest mountains maybe an inch of snow tonight into tomorrow, not a lot but they will see some accumulation particularly the higher mountain areas.
4:54 pm
dew points low which means a lot colder tonight than last night with the clouds and rain. west northwest winds pushing the water back out of the bay because the last two days the water comes up the bay and that caused the coastal flooding. higher than normal tides continue for at least the next high tide this evening. but with the winds continuing to push the water out, those tides will be reseeding, which is good news. still have snow out to the west. they had very cold last couple weeks for us snow showers breaking out and lake effect snow across michigan, ohio, indiana, western pa and heavier rain moving to the east, northeast. you see that squall line move through portions of madison. still raining heavily. connecticut, massachusetts eastern section of new england. snow showers continue to the west of us. we won't see that here but we will see chilly air moving in as the cold high pressure
4:55 pm
dominates the eastern half of the country. so it will stay chilly all weekend long. now area of low pressure, weak low pressure will pass across southern virginia saturday night and sunday. down here they may see some rain and snow. we might see a flurry here on saturday night and sunday is possible, depends on the exact track and how strong the system is. doesn't look all that strong but we could see wet snow flakes saturday night or sunday morning. northwest winds 15 to 10 knots and the bay temperature around 47 now. so tonight clearing, chilly, yeah, about 30 degrees by morning and still breezy this evening. the winds will die town. tomorrow partly sunny, chilly well pretty much what it is now. low 40s and tomorrow night back in the mid to upper 20s. so clear cold end to the week but dry at least through most of the next four or five days. >> okay. thank you, bob. still to come on eyewitness
4:56 pm
news tonight: >> flooding, that story as eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
wjz eyewitness news. drying out. is the flooding system gone? wjz is live with first warning weather. volunteer now accused of attacking a teenager. what police say he did. this man in big trouble with federal authorities. what he's accused of stealing out of this east warehouse lot, worth $2 million. i'm derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> check in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking news, "eyewitness news at 5:00" starts now.
4:59 pm
december storm. high winds, flooding and chilly temperatures. tonight, neighborhoods try to dry out. >> hi. i'm kai jackson. and i'm denise koch. mary has the night off. here's what people are talking about. >> a major cooldown over maryland tonight. a live look outside now. temperatures have dropped drastically in the last 24 hours. with that cold weather came rain earlier today. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. bob turk is tracking how much rain we got. but first, alex demetrick has more on how part of the state capital was under water. >> the city dock continue


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